China 100-1500mm Linear Rail with Ce Certification hiwin linear rail

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100-1500mm Linear Rail with CE Certification

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  Linear module is also identified as linear CZPT rail, rectangular coordinate robotic, linear slide desk, and so on, which is composed of linear CZPT rail, ball screw, belt,gear and rack and other linear transmission mechanism of automation device. The linear and curved motion of the load can be assembled via the mix of single or numerous units, which tends to make the automation products a lot more versatile, much more hassle-free in layout and much more precise in positioning.

TMH22 linear module, 1 CZPT and 1 slider, with high precision, multi-section repeat positioning, compact composition, robust flexibility.
Highest stroke: 1500mm
Repeat accuracy: +-.01mm
Easy servicing
Lengthy stoke without lowering speed
Higher rigidity mainframe and protect: 1 pieceestruded aluminum structure for optimum rigidity and bodyweight ratio.

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Variety of software:

 It can be utilized in blend with single or a number of axes. It is straightforward to match the needed workpieces in numerous industries and it gets a simple and practical mechanical arm. It is mostly employed in dustfree workshops or particular fields this sort of as electronics and medical equipment, this kind of as movie, Depreciation, IC printing, CCD on-line inspection, exact positioning detection of soldering automation tools, laser in addition(laser chopping/laser marking/laser engraving/laser drilling,and so forth.) precision assembly, precision equipment instruments, semiconductor generation equipment, location detection, electronic creation tools , and 3D printing tools and other fields.


Generation and screening:

Our  Factory:

ZheJiang CZPT Precision Technological innovation Co., Ltd. (called “Tiayo”) located in HangZhou, ZheJiang , nearby HangZhou HangZhou International Airport exactly where operates the next maglev teach in China. Tiayo is a China-based mostly company, recognized in 2007, specializing in R&D, creation, marketing and advertising, undertaking consultancy of linear actuators and motors, primarily serve the automation market. 

 For over ten years, we focus on delivering high high quality items, superb after sales support and complete solutions of automation device. Our well-quipped services, excellent top quality control method received great track record of overseas and domestic clientele.

 As for now, our linear actuators have been extensively employed in Laptop, Lcd, PCB, LED, PDP, biotechnology, semiconductor, automotive, optical, food, medical, strength and related industries.

 Tiayo will initiate the second stage of our advancement approach, “realistic value, efficient generation time and lifelong time following revenue provider” is our tenet. We need to fulfill a lot more professional enterprise associates to make industrial automation far better together.

Our Exhibition:

Tiayo aims to be linear transmission,pneumatic elements & vacuum parts provider,meanwile we are a linear module producer. We hope to provide a full solution for automation business to make powerful future. 

Our Support:

1. Our goods use high-good quality resources and undertake mature processing approaches.
2. The goods of every sequence are really abundant. If you will not see them on the website page, you should get in touch with client services.
three. Our merchandise supplies 2 years guarantee. 
four. We can accept personalized processing only if you supply drawings.
five. Our quotation is ex-manufacturing unit unit price tag. Freight needs to be borne by you. Remember to consult the freight.
6. Underneath standard situations, the merchandise will be delivered within 20 times.
7. Our firm constantly listens to your tips, if your opinions are favorable.


1. Q: Your goods seems good, can I get a full solution catalog with specification for review?
    A: Yes, pls make contact with our TIAYO income group.

two. Q: Can you explain to me what is your business main company?
    A: Our manufacturing facility mostly manufacture linear modules/actuators/motors, OEM is offered .

3. Q: Which well-known organization use your equipment?
    A: There are BUD,Foxconn, LENS Technology, HUAWEI/Apple/OPPO/Vivo, etc. supply        chain manufacturers are our important account .                                              

4. Q: If so, is it achievable get sample equipment ahead of demo get?
     A: Of course, pls tell your detailed demands to TIAYO product sales staff, we can modify the 3D drawing, get ready 1 or pair of tailored sample for you .
5. Q: Good, how extended is your guide-time?
    A: 7 working times for sample get ready, fifteen-twenty working days for bulk order(Affirm each and every monthly bill of international payment require additional 3 working days)

6. Q: Seems very good, how long is the warranty interval of your equipment?
    A: 24-months guarantee is provided for our linear modules/actuators/motors, strictly based on income deal.

seven. Q: Wow, I want to do company with your company, what variety of payment terms need to I use ?
    A: Sample purchase, demo purchase, repeat purchase, we acknowledge T/T payment, 30% deposit shell out in advance, 70% harmony pay out before transportation.(L/C payment only offered for designated countries’client)

8. Q: What is the best cargo way for your items?
    A: For samples, the greatest delivery way is by way of airplane transport(or land transportation),requires 1 week transfer to location airport, for huge quantity, the best shipping and delivery way is via CZPT ship(or land transport), takes 1 month to location port. The closest sea port is HangZhou/HangZhou.

nine. Q: Why select us?
    A: With much more than ten years knowledge of linear modules .

Speak to approaches:

US $320-1,000
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


Application: Machine Tools,Laser Welding,Laser Cutting,etc..
Material: Aluminium
Structure: Semi-Sealed
Installation: All Automation Machines
Driven Type: Servo Motor
Carrying Capacity: 150 Kg


US $320-1,000
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


Application: Machine Tools,Laser Welding,Laser Cutting,etc..
Material: Aluminium
Structure: Semi-Sealed
Installation: All Automation Machines
Driven Type: Servo Motor
Carrying Capacity: 150 Kg



Types of Linear Rails and Their Uses

Whether you’re installing a new linear rail system or repairing an existing one, you’ll want to know the proper techniques and precautions for installing and maintaining it. There are a variety of applications for linear rails, such as sleeve-bearing slides, Dovetail rails, and sliding carriages. The main benefits of using linear rails are easy installation, minimal maintenance, and long lifespan.
linear rail


Choosing the best linear rail for your application can be a daunting task. There are several factors to consider such as cost, performance and durability. A good linear rail can be the basis for a variety of industrial applications. Selecting the right one for your application can eliminate hidden costs and improve overall performance.
A linear rail may be the best choice if your application is low-precision and requires less than a few millimetres of accuracy. A linear rail will allow you to achieve higher speeds and smoother motion. It is also less likely to bend under an over-loaded environment.
However, it is important to note that the cost of linear rails varies according to the material and design of the rail. If you are looking to save money, you might want to opt for a cheaper linear guide rail, like the CZPT V linear compact guide.
The CZPT(r) Linear Rail is a high load linear motion system designed to provide ease of installation and maintenance. It uses CZPT motion technology and has a sleek, compact design that can withstand harsh environments. It can also operate at high speeds over long travel lengths.
A linear rail can be installed by hand, but is best installed by a team of skilled professionals. Linear rods require fewer screws to attach shaft supports.
A good linear guide rail must be installed in a clean environment. Dust on the rail can combine with internal lubrication of rolling elements and can lead to reduced life span and efficiency.


Various types of linear rails are used in various industrial applications. These rails are typically made of stainless steel or carbon steel. They are also available in different sizes. They are also suitable for applications that require a high load capacity and stiffness. They can be mounted vertically, horizontally or both. They can also be joined together to form a long linear assembly.
Linear rails provide high load capacity and stiffness. They are also ideal for moving products with little or no friction. They can handle loads from a few grams to thousands of kilograms. They are also used in many machine-tool applications and in advanced medical applications. These systems are also used in semiconductor manufacturing.
When deciding on the type of linear guide to use, you must consider your needs. The most common types of linear guides are sliding contact guides and roller bearing guides. These linear guides are made of cylindrical rollers or spherical balls. They have high travel accuracy and minimal deflection.
Linear rails are often used in gantry robots, laser welding machines and other machine-tool applications. They are also used in manufacturing, packaging, material transfer, and other applications.
Linear guides are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. They are also available in different types of materials. They are typically made of high-strength steel, galvanised steel or stainless steel. Depending on your application, you may need corrosion-resistant steel types.
linear rail

Dovetail rails

Whether it’s a straight mounting bracket, a telescopic sight or an optic, dovetail rails have a wide array of uses. While some may be overtly utilitarian, others have a high level of performance.
The DS series is a great example of a dovetail rail system that is both versatile and highly functional. Aside from their dovetail based design, the DS series offers two travel ranges: the XYZ and XYZ-XYZ. The XYZ-XYZ series is ideal for small controlled travel applications. These systems offer greater load bearing capabilities than their predecessors.
The CZPT FDD line of linear guides features dovetail rails as standard equipment. This line features both aluminium and grey cast iron versions. These guides have been touted for their quiet operation, ease of use and preloaded features. They are available in multiple lengths and mounting configurations, making them the perfect solution for your next project.
The FDD line of linear guides has a few nifty features that are not only impressive in their own right, but are also useful for other applications. The FDD line also features a self-lubricating, non-magnetic, and non-restrictive slide. This makes them the perfect choice for any application that requires low friction and high performance. Aside from the linear slides, FDD line linear guides also offer linear bearings, axis bearings, and a wide variety of other linear components. They are also renowned for their high level of quality and reliability.

Sleeve-bearing slides

Typically, these slides are used to reduce friction between moving parts of a machine system. They also allow for smooth, linear motion. These slides offer a number of benefits, such as increased load capacity, vibration resistance, and lower starting friction.
A number of manufacturers manufacture linear slides. Some of these slides reduce friction through surface coating, while others reduce friction through ball bearings. They also come in a variety of materials, such as aluminum and steel. These slides are a great solution for a wide variety of applications.
Ball bearing slides are the most common type of linear slide. They use self-lubricated ball bearings in the base. These slides also feature four rods that provide smooth, single-axis movement. Ball bearing slides are used for a variety of applications, including robotics and cabinetry. They can be powered by inertia or the drive mechanism.
Some linear slides also have an inverted design, allowing them to be attached in a different configuration. This can be a useful feature for installations that require more flexibility. Depending on the type of linear slide, the design may also be locked in place.
These slides are often used in light-duty applications, such as appliance parts and fragile instrumentation. They are typically made from aluminum and galvanized steel. These slides provide smooth, single-axis linear motion. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, from small to heavy-duty.

Sliding carriage and rail

Historically, sliding carriage and rail systems were used to allow lathes to perform operations. These systems consisted of a sliding carriage, a rail, and a drive unit. A drive unit, such as a ball screw or a servo motor, generates the force required to propel the carriage forward.
Sliding carriages are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. The slide itself is made from several components, including roller bearings, a rail, and a carriage. The carriage can be attached to a profiled rail or it can be directly mounted on the rail.
The design of the sliding carriage depends on the type of linear guide used. The most common linear guide style is the roller bearing guide. A roller bearing guide uses roller bearings inside the carriage. It has an open or closed bushing that supports the shaft. Compared to the dovetail style, the boxway style has a higher projected surface area and can support heavier loads.
The CZPT head attaches to the sliding carriage and moves the camera along the rail. It is a compact, space saving solution. It can be set up on a floor or mounted on a tripod. It is quiet and corrosion free.
Sliding contact guides are the simplest style of linear guide. These guides use a series of sliding contacts to guide the carriage. They may be recirculating or non-recirculating.
linear rail


Keeping your linear guide rail in top shape may require periodic maintenance. The right maintenance procedures can ensure your linear guide lasts the test of time. Performing the most appropriate maintenance can also help you avoid costly repairs. In fact, some manufacturers even offer maintenance kits that include everything you need.
For starters, there are two main types of linear guides. One uses ball screw guides, while the other utilizes recirculating balls. These two designs require different lubrication techniques. Lubrication can be achieved by smearing grease on the ball bearing raceways and using disposable syringes to apply it. Using a lint-free paper towel to wipe out the groove is also a good idea.
Other maintenance procedures include cleaning and testing. A good way to determine if the rails are level is to check them with a dial indicator. Some manufacturers even offer kits that include grease and lubricant.
Using a specialised bearing lubricant is also a good idea. The right lubricant can make your linear guide last longer. It can also help prevent catastrophic failure. This is especially true for high-speed applications. You may also want to consider adding an extra layer of protection to your rails. If you do not have the funds to shell out for an upgrade, the next best thing is to keep your linear guide in tip-top condition.
The best way to achieve this is to keep the right lubricant at the right lubrication level. If you need to change the lubrication, make sure you clean the rail first.
China 100-1500mm Linear Rail with Ce Certification     hiwin linear railChina 100-1500mm Linear Rail with Ce Certification     hiwin linear rail
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